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5 ways to earn money online

1.Simple and reliable clicking in advertisements - For beginners

These are websites that allow you to earn money by, among other things, reading advertising emails, clicking on links, completing surveys, playing selected online games and shopping in specific shops. Registration on these websites is free of charge. The main advantages of using loyalty programs are as follows:
Easy to perform tasks (user does not need to have specialist knowledge); Work at a time of your choice - 5-30 minutes per day is enough;

    You can register with several companies and increase your profits;
There are many loyalty programs in the network. First of all, there are 2 programs that pay money regularly for several years. I present a brief description of each of them.

    ClixSense pays primarily for a click on an advertisement ($0.02 - $0.03), filing questionnaires ($0.85 - $0.9 per one), fulfilling various tasks (Tex, $0.01 to $0.70 per one) and recommending friends. The site is in English but very easy to use. Ideal for beginners!
    MYIYO - Earn money to fill in surveys for the world's largest companies. Your task is only to express your opinion or preferences in a given survey, which usually takes several dozen minutes. You can earn 50-300 PLN / monthly and most importantly, the program pays money regularly.
    Click here to register with MYIYO.

2 Working as freelancer - For more advanced people

Freelancers (free shooters) work without a permanent job. They usually specialize in one specific field and carry out projects on commission. The most popular competitions among freelancers are:

        copywriter - earns money on writing articles, blog entries, advertising texts, descriptions of products sold and other types of content placed on websites. Check how much you can earn on writing articles.

        By earning money as a copywriter you can earn about 1500-3000 PLN per month.

        computer graphics - it deals with creating whole web pages as well as their individual elements: banners, decorative elements, logos, advertising materials, etc. The most frequently used programs are CorelDRAW, Photoshop, Flash. You can find a list of basic courses for beginners at You can also use the Internet courses offer, e. g.: The average earnings of graphic designers are about 2000-3500 PLN.
      programmer - programs various systems, games, application programs, CRMs, etc. Example programs: PHP and Java. Courses you can learn at Udemy. com, for example.

        The earnings of developers vary greatly. A beginner programmer earns on average 2000-3500 PLN. More experienced developers can earn up to PLN 10,000 or more.

            interpreter - if you know a foreign language well, you can try your hand at being an interpreter (in most cases you do not need to be a certified interpreter).

            Photographer - receives orders based on photographs presented on special web sites; he also creates photo-reportages.

 3. Binary options
How to earn money on binary options and what is it all about?

Binary options are an interesting way to earn money. Trading binary options means speculating whether the price of a particular active option will fall or rise. You can trade in shares, currencies, etc. It should be remembered that trading involves the risk of losing capital.

The most important thing to make it safe to invest in binary options is to set security barriers on every investment. If we invest in currencies, for example, we set raw materials that if the investment falls by 1%, the system will automatically close and we will not lose any more. On the other hand, if investments increase upwards by e. g. 10%, then we earn on the whole capital.

So you can register your account with one of the brokers (e. g. BDSwiss) and start playing with the marketplace.

4. earning money on Cryptocurrencies

In recent months there has been a lot of talk about making money on the Internet at cryptovalutes. This is due to the fact that many people earned cosmic money to invest in e. g. Bitcoin. Since the beginning of the year, the exchange rate has increased by over 1000%.

I myself wrote about Bitcoin in May 2017, when the Bitcoin's course was $2,000 on the Workbox. net blog, thanks to which a lot of people bought Bitcoin and earned almost 500%. You can check out the current Bitcoin course and information about this crypturing in my article: What is Bitcoin? 

Where to buy and how to earn money on cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies can be bought on stock exchanges. The most popular stock exchange in Poland is BitBay. Registration and purchase is simple.

5. Blogging and monetizing your content

You can earn money on the blog by placing advertisements, sponsored articles, cooperating with various types of online shops, obtaining bonuses and samples of advertising materials (e. g. a set of dishes to try out).

How to start?

    Think about it

Ideally, you will write about what you know and are interested in, and at the same time, what is a kind of niche. There are currently a lot of blogs, you have a better chance of success if you direct your blog to a specific target group.

    Create page

You can use one of the many free web pages for bloggers, or create your own website (you need domains, hosting account and website template).

    Write, write and write again!

Make a min. One entry per day (the best bloggers give up their jobs because they earn much more on the blog; the earnings may even amount to several thousand zlotys per month).

    Let others find your blog!

Advertise your blog on other blogs, social media and similar topics. Then choose a affiliate program that allows you to earn money on your blog. It may also prove useful to have articles How to earn money on blogs and how much you can earn on the blog. You can sign up to ad network - Revenuehits, here is video review - and put ads into your blog. You can earn up to $30 per single click.

If you prefer to create video than content, you can choose to make money on the Internet via Youtube:

Recently, it has become more and more popular to create your own channels on Youtube. com. If you have any hobbies, passions or idea for a service channel you can earn money with Google Adsense.

How much can you earn on Youtube?

It is speculated that for every 100,000 impressions of our films we earn about 200-300 PLN. Added to this is the so-called cooperation with brands and product placement. Here the rates start from PLN 1,000 and end at tens of thousands of PLN (depending on the range).

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How to earn on games ?

Do you have a lot of friends - gamers? Do you own website about games ? Do you post videos about games on youtube or similar websites? 

You can monetize all your traffic selling games. Even 40% cheaper than well know websites sell. And you won't earn one time commision from referred user. This person will be permanently added to your refs and all his/her purchases in the future will earn you commisions! Goldmine is the best affiliate program you can join because gaming niche is HUGE! And earnings potential is HUGE too! And they offer thousends of games (older and new releases). Let's say you have 400 friends (either in real or virtual world on such social media portals like Facebook, Tumblr or Twitter) and just 5% of them regularly buy games. Those 20 people are the key ones since they can earn money for you each time they purchase a new title.

Earn Money using Forum discussions
Another great method you can use, are all sort of internet message boards. Almost every game has at least one, where people share ideas and their gaming passion. Do not hesitate, make an account, take part in discussions and become a part of the community – and once you find a suitable opportunity share the information about Goldmine.

Get richer by playing games
We all know how much time we spent on gaming. And WE LOVE DOING IT! Don't look around for strangers who might feel a bit harassed if nagged by random questions. Get to know them first! Find a cool guild with many great people, befriend them, spend time together and when you feel the right moment share your Goldmine information. Thanks for reading Inb4suiton's blog and i hope you will earn a lot of money!