środa, 5 listopada 2014

How to earn on games ?


Do you have a lot of friends - gamers? Do you own website about games ? Do you post videos about games on youtube or similar websites? 

You can monetize all your traffic selling games. Even 40% cheaper than well know websites sell. And you won't earn one time commision from referred user. This person will be permanently added to your refs and all his/her purchases in the future will earn you commisions!

G2A.com Goldmine is the best affiliate program you can join because gaming niche is HUGE! And earnings potential is HUGE too! And they offer thousends of games (older and new releases). Let's say you have 400 friends (either in real or virtual world on such social media portals like Facebook, Tumblr or Twitter) and just 5% of them regularly buy games. Those 20 people are the key ones since they can earn money for you each time they purchase a new title.

Earn Money using Forum discussions
Another great method you can use, are all sort of internet message boards. Almost every game has at least one, where people share ideas and their gaming passion. Do not hesitate, make an account, take part in discussions and become a part of the community – and once you find a suitable opportunity share the information about Goldmine.

Get richer by playing games
We all know how much time we spent on gaming. And WE LOVE DOING IT! Don't look around for strangers who might feel a bit harassed if nagged by random questions. Get to know them first! Find a cool guild with many great people, befriend them, spend time together and when you feel the right moment share your Goldmine information. Thanks for reading Inb4suiton's blog and i hope you will earn a lot of money!